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Introduction to learning magic
There's no better way to kick off an intro to magic than enjoying some interactive magic. Every club meeting is jam packed with observing the experienced teacher perform a magic show with professional presentation. Tricksters are taught easy-to-do magic using super cool methods and props to ease them into their magic hobby. All the tricks are either self-operating props or require only minimal sleight of hand.
• Magic kit provided (8 Trickster Level tricks)
• 8 meetings, each meeting is 1 hour

Total $149+hst includes meetings & kit.

Sleight of hand and presentation
Welcome to a world of sleight of hand and presentation. Level 2 will teach the young magicians easy sleight of hand and some classics of magic using everyday objects and also new props provided in an add-on Magician Level magic kit. At this Level, Magicians begin to emphasise presentation and explore character and ideas for their favourite tricks in Level 1 and Level 2.
• Magic kit provided (8 Magician Level tricks)
• 8 meetings, each meeting is 1 hour

Total $149+hst includes meetings & kit.

Performing a magic show
Let the Wizards' show performance begin! Level 3 continues to teach amazing magic, both easy and sleight of hand. Some very interesting, artistic, unique magic is crafted as the kids explore their performance styles. These classes allow the Wizards to perform and build shows for their new friends and magic colleagues. Level 3 encourages work/practice ethic and magic etiquette as Wizards learn to help each other shine.
• Magic kit provided (8 Wizard Level tricks)
• 8 meetings, each meeting is 1 hour
• Diploma certificate

Total $149+hst incl. meetings, kit & certificate.

January Registration is open:

-Wednesday, Jan.19 - March 9 (4:15-5:15pm)ET The Magician


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5. POOF ... Let the magic begin!

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